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Montgomery Place

January 4, 2010



January 4, 2010

Historic Old Richmond Town

December 4, 2009
The 314-year-old centerpiece to Historic Richmond Town’s collection of 28 fully and partially restored buildings.

What is Historic Old Richmond Town and do I actually have to call it that?
A museum town, with 28 restored buildings from the late 17th to the early 19th centuries.  There’s a tinsmith, a schoolhouse, a tavern, general store, blacksmith and school, plus a whole lot of private homes.  Some of the buildings were a little down in the mouth — a Colonial Williamsburg gone to seed — but I think it’s pretty cool.  And did I mention it’s smack dab in the middle of Staten Island?!


Bartow-Pell Mansion

December 2, 2009
This place is in the Bronx right off the expressway and a stone’s throw from Orchard Beach.

What is it?
Fancy old mansion from the 18th century.  It’s furnished and there are pretty gardens and a formal tour.  But it’s only open on weekends until 4 and probably not during the winter.